The Tiered Leadership Index measures key leadership competencies based on the user’s appropriate management level (Senior Executive, Junior Executive, Middle Management and Staff). It ranks the competencies in order of importance and based on the user’s management level. The Index has several unique characteristics:

  • The Index measures leadership competencies on a tiered structure, where each level of leadership is surveyed on what is needed to attain their specific position level. For example, senior executives rank leadership competencies necessary for junior executives to climb to the next position. Junior executives will rank leadership competencies necessary for middle management to become junior executives. Middle management rank leadership competencies needed for staff to attain a management position.
  • The research measures changes in these leadership-competency rankings every 2-3 years. This reflects how leadership changes over time rather than assuming these competencies are static.
  • The survey measures how the user rates themselves against these competencies and assesses the gaps.