National ERG Summit in Washington, DC: October 5-6, 2013


The National ERG Summit is a signature Upward Synergy event that brings together Employee Resource Group leaders and Executive Champions from across the country to share and learn best practices on effective recruitment, retention, development and visibility for all involved. Visit to learn more!

Benefits For Attendees

  • Engage in a signature event that brings together ERG leaders from a diverse array of major organizations
  • Share best practices of ERGs and leadership development
  • Gain research insights on ERGs and professional development
  • Grow through our Executive Circle networking, training and mentoring
  • Develop ERGs through the Upward Synergy "E-R-G" model
  • Continuing Education credits available upon request


  • Executive champions and diversity advocates serve as faculty
  • Tiered leadership training, so leaders learn based on their ERG role
  • Outcomes measurement and ROI benchmarking
  • Integrated learning and research models unique to Upward Synergy

About Upward Synergy


Upward Synergy and the University of California--Riverside, have partnered with CREW, operated by the Career Center at California State University--Fullerton, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to disseminate information on best practices to support Employee Resource Groups. Upward Synergy is the hub for all ERGs. We synergize the collective knowledge, best practices and passion of ERGs across organizations. Our mission is to align Employee Resource Groups to augment their Organization's business Return on Investment (ROI).


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